Hexcore Link User Manual

1. Install software

Download link: https://www.hexcore.xyz/hexcore-link

1.1 Windows

Please download the signed Hexcore Link from the official website to ensure security.

The signing certificate is displayed as follows:

1.2 Mac OS

After installation, on the first launch, you will get the following promp

Please check the Hexcore Link, and restart the software.

1.3 Linux

1.3.1 Ubuntu | Debian

sudo apt install ./HexcoreLink_x.x.xx_x64.deb

1.3.2 CentOS | Fedora | RHEL

sudo yum install ./HexcoreLink_x.x.xx_x64.rpm

1.3.3 OpenSuSE

sudo zypper in ./HexcoreLink_x.x.xx_x64.rpm

Input i to ignore the warning "Package header is not signed"

1.3.4 Other Distributions

tar -zxvf ./HexcoreLink_x.x.xx.tar.gz
cd HexcoreLink_x.x.xx

2. User Guide

2.1 Device List

Device List: Show the devices conneted, click Hello World to refresh the device list.

2.2 Overview

Uptime: The timer starts after the device is powered on, and will be reset after the power is off.

Backlight Sleep: In wireless mode, the device is idle for more than the setting time, turn off the backlighting.

Bluetooth: Clear the Bluetooth pairing information stored in the keyboard.

Reset: Restore factory settings(TAP Sensitivity, CapsLock LED, etc.)

2.3 Layout

2.3.1 Assign

  1. Change Key Value

    Demo: Assign Prev track and Next track to FN2 layer

  2. Magic Fn

    Demo: Enable/Disable Magic Fn Function

  3. Macro

    Demo: Record hexcore and bound to FN2 layer

2.3.2 Setting

  • Tap Sensitivity

    Click(press and release) the key within the setting time, trigger the key on the TAP layer.

    Press and hold the key for more than the setting time, trigger the key on the Default layer

2.4 Light

2.4.1 Effect

Demo: Create a new light effect profile and add a static light effect

Demo: Add a dynamic light effect

2.4.2 Setting

  • Backlight: Set the backlight brightness of the keyboard

  • CapsLock LED: Set the CapsLock indication mode(Single key LED/ The entire keyboard); Set the color of the CapsLock indication

2.5 Ambient Light

2.5.1 Audio Virtualization

2.5.2 Screen Ambient

2.6 System Enhancement

Tip: This module is currently only available for OS Windows.

2.6.1 Notification

Click and hold the left mouse button on the red area showed below, drag to move the notification window.

2.6.2 Backlight

Show the notification when the backlight brightness key is pressed.

2.6.3 Lock Keys

Show the notification when Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock key is pressed.

2.6.4 Volume

Show the notification when Increase Volume, Decrease Volume and Mute key is pressed.

Tip: By default, volume step is 2(On windows) for the Increase Volume and Decrease Volume key on the keyboard. This module allows you to change the step of control (range: 1-10).

2.6.5 Display

This module allows you to adjust the display brightess, change the display input source(DP, HDMI etc...).

  1. Display brightness

    Press the Display Brightness Increase, Display Brightness Decrease key on keyboard to control the display brightness (the display which the mouse is located).

  2. Display input source

    Change the display input source, it's useful when a display is connected to multiple computers.


This module uses DDC (Display Data Channel) to control the displays.

Common reasons for incompatibility:

  • Display not support DDC/CI, or it's disabled on display.
  • If your disabled supports DDC/CI, it may need to be turned on. You can typically find this using the On-Screen Display using your display's controls.